About us

Studio LITTLE 是一家由建筑设计师Carmen Lee主理并领导的设计公司。Carmen 于1978年出生于香港,2003年她毕业于加拿大蒙特利尔的麦吉尔大学,并获得建筑学硕士学位。她工作热情而严谨,对合作项目的规模严选严挑,以争取更多的创作自由,并能有更多机会与业主,供应商和团队人员一起工作,求得超越标准的工作成果。在设计,制作,创作的历程中,许多的惊喜和探索在这条路上与我们同行。这就是我们不“小”的冒险旅行。

Studio LITTLE is a design firm lead by architect Carmen Lee.  She is born in Hong Kong, 1978, and received her master degree in Architecture from McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 2003.  She is passionate and selective, especially on certain scale of projects where there are more possibilities to build closer relationships with owners, suppliers and workers.  These opportunities allow more freedom to be creative in making, and collaboration goes beyond the standard ways of working together.  During the journey of making, many unexpected, unexplored encounters cross our paths.  This is our not so little adventure. 


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